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Mark A. Santostefano, M’Div
(Pictured with wife Judy)
Master of Divinity from
 Theological Seminary.
Pastoral Ministry
Men’s Ministry
Worship Ministry

For decades, Pastor Mark Santostefano has been known for his keenly insightful, yet doctrinal teaching of Biblical truth. But the thing that marks him is his love and passion for Christ Jesus, which has been an enduring testimony to anyone who has known him or been touched by his life. His is a life devoted to making disciples for Jesus, and he teaches and encourages others to do the same. Mark is a true servant at heart, yet a person of inspiration and integrity. In a time when common sense is fleeting and doctrinal understanding of Jesus Christ is waning in many American churches, Mark does not waver from the wonderous work of the Cross of Jesus.  Finding the wonder and power of it, he helps point others to God. But he holds in heart a special place for those who don’t know that Jesus is their true Savior and Lord, and his renewed vision for The Worship Center is to become an ‘evangelistic’ church.

Beyond preaching on Sunday mornings, Mark provides compassionate and wise pastoral counseling for those struggling with their faith in God, visits with those confined to their homes, hospitals beds, or prison cells, and performs services for baby dedications, water baptisms, weddings, funerals or memorials, and other important life celebrations and ceremonies. Mark is also the leader of the Men’s Discipleship group and the men’s retreats.

He’s most comfortable being out and about in public places to either work on his sermon series, do pastoral counseling, post daily devotions on Facebook, or share the good news of salvation through Christ with total strangers over a cup of coffee. Mark loves the community and regularly meets with a group of other area pastoral ministers to pray for each others’ churches and for the advancement of God’s Kingdom through the Gospel of Jesus. He loves the outdoors and often goes for prayer walks and hikes. His hobbies include nature photography, marksmanship, and many other interests, but he likes to do wedding photography in his spare time. He’s a devoted husband and father of four children, and loves spending time with his granddaughter Nina.

If you are in need of pastoral services or ministry, please visit our Pastoral Ministry page, or call the Church Office at 860.228.4442


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George Logan


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Davey Edwards

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Dwight Ketelhut

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Pat & Torre Skjerli
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Children’s Minister, Stacy Lagasse – email
Children & Youth Administrator, Matt LaPlaca
M.O.P.S. (Mothers of Preschoolers), Amanda White and Elissa Kavovit
Nursery Coordinator, Judy Santostefano
Stephen Ministry, Patti C. Dunne M.A. Pastoral Counseling, Board Certified Associate Chaplain,860.377.4064 – email
Worship Team Leaders, Carol Simpson, Sharon Gonyaw, Nick Santostefano, Steve Sleeper – email
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